Nowhere Soon finished up in March 2010, and Alex and Meredith are on to other new and exciting things. If you liked the exploits of the ¬†Nowhere Soon team, you might like to follow Meredith’s new panamerican adventure on board a small sailboat, Silas Crosby.

Nowhere Soon is a bicycle tour and a multimedia storytelling project.Starting in Victoria and wrapping up in Panama, Nowhere Soon traveled over seven thousand kilometres through the USA, Mexico and Central America. Unlike a typical bicycle tour, Nowhere Soon had a kind of audience.  As we traveled we sought compelling stories. In particular, we wanted to discover stories about people finding innovative ways to walk the modern line between local and global. As well, we were curious about networks and communities. Along the way, we recorded these stories using a portable audio recorder, and we edited them, on a regular basis, into a podcast.

Listen to some excerpts from the Nowhere Soon podcast:

Intro to Episode Three | Alex (2:46)

Unexpected Awesomess | Mer (6:38)

Powell’s Books | Alex (7:14)

The Parking Lot | Mer (4:14)